Woven Wrap Size Guide

Wraps generally come in the following sizes numbered from 1 - 8.


Below is a rough guide of the actual length of a wrap relating to the size numbers:


Size 1          2 - 2.2m

Size 2          2.5 - 2.7m

Size 3          3.1 - 3.3m

Size 4          3.7 - 3.9m

Size 5          4.2 - 4.4m

Size 6          4.6 - 4.9m

Size 7          5.2 - 5.4m

Size 8          5.5 - 5.8m



Full buckle conversions can be done from as little as 2.5 metres of wrap, with a small pattern repeat but will need to be longer if it has a large bold pattern or you would like an extra such as a hood. If you have a smaller sized wrap and you are unsure if it will be long enough for a full buckle then please get in touch and we can let you know. Dress size is not an issue with full buckle conversions as they adjust via the webbing and buckles.



Ring sling conversions can be done with as little as 2 metres of fabric so any wrap from size 1 - 8 would be suitable however dress size should be taken into account and a taller/larger person could need up to 2.5 meters.


Half buckle conversions need a minimum of 4 metres of fabric due to the length of the shoulder straps so you would need at least a size 5/6 wrap for a complete conversion. If your wrap is shorter but you would like this type of carrier then your wrap could be used for the body panel and coordinating fabrics can be provided for the straps.


Mei Tai conversions need a minimum of 4.5 metres of fabric due to the length of the shoulder straps.