Take a look below at the optional extras you can add to your carrier.


Simply message us once you have decided on the carrier and any extras and we will quickly work out a complete price and get back to you.


If you would like something that is not listed below then let us know and we can see what we can do.





Pixie Hood £17

Adjustable Flat Hood £12

Sweat Hood £17

Bear/Cat Ears!


A little pair of ears can be added to your hood for £8.

Chest/Cinch Belt


A long strap with an adjustable buckle that can be used to make the shoulder straps feel more secure when back carrying or to cinch the body panel for smaller babies.


Made from webbing £3


Made from wrap fabric £5

Dino Spikes!


5-7 Dino spikes can be added to your hood for £12

Double Loop Chest Belt

Tw0 small loops which fit snugly over your carriers shoulder straps and stay attached to the carrier when not in use.


Made from webbing £8

Made from wrap fabric £10

Padded to wrap straps.  (only available on wrap conversion mei tai and half buckle carriers)


Padded for the first 16" before flaring to half wrap width straps £20

Artwork and embroidery


Appliqué and free motion embroidery can be added to your carrier. 

This is charged at £15 for the first hour and £10 for each additional hour. 

Adding a piece of personal artwork to your carrier can really make it special, we will discuss in as much detail as possible to ensure the design is how you want it to be and for large projects a price can be negotiated in advance.


Please contact us for advice on what is possible and quotes.

Suck Pads £12


Removable suck pads can be added to your carrier.


Suck pads are placed on the shoulder straps and are easily removed for quick washing.

Toy loops £3



Little toy loops can be added to the shoulder straps of your carrier, also suitable for teething rings etc.

Wrap scrap key ring £5

A matching key ring can be made from your wrap fabric, long enough to fit over your wrist, onto the strap of your carrier or easy to find at the bottom of your bag!